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Legal Abbreviations

Legal Abbreviations | Law School Abbreviations

Legal abbreviations for law school will save you time and increase your efficiency.  Legal abbreviations are used both within law school and without.  Leverage the following legal abbreviations and law school abbreviations for notes, outlines, or personal documents. However, remember that all final copies of papers, law briefs, and legal memorandums use the original form of the word.

What are Legal Abbreviations?

What are legal abbreviations? A Legal abbreviations is a short-form notation used to represent larger legal terms.  For example, you might occasional see “P” used as the legal abbreviation for the plaintiff.  Or D for the defendant.  By using the legal abbreviations and law school abbreviations you will be able to save time as you review cases, take notes, etc.  Mastering legal abbreviations will help to increase your efficiency.

Legal Abbreviations: Part 1 of 3

Legal Term Abbreviation/Symbol
About re:
Affirmed Aff’d.
Against a/st.
American Bar Association ABA
Appeal Ap
Appellant Apl
Appellate Court AC
Article Art
Attorney atty
Bankruptcy BR or B/R
Because b/c
Case Book CB
Cause of Action c/a
Chapter c.
Chapters cc.
Class Action CA
Common Law CL
Complaint c/a
Constitution Cx
Contract K
Contract K
Counter Claim C-C

Legal Abbreviations: Part 2 of 3

Legal Term Abbreviation/Symbol
Court of Appeals COA
Cross x
Cross-claim Cx-C
Cross-complaint x/C
Crying qq.
Defendant Δ or D
District Court DC
Employee EE or E’ee
Employer ER or E’er
Evidence Ev.
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure FRCP
For Example e.g.
Holder in Due Course HDC
Husband H
Inunction Inxn.
Judge J
Judgment Jdg
Judgment Notwithstanding Verdict JNOV
Judgment as a Matter of Law JMOL
Jurisdiction Jdx.
Motion to Dismiss MTD
Others Ors

Legal Abbreviations: Part 3 of 3

Legal Term Abbreviation/Symbol
Page p.
Pages pp.
Plaintiff Π or P
Prejudice Pj
Public Law PL or Pub. L.
Real Estate ct Court
Respondent R
Restatement of Law R
Restatement Second R2
Reversed Rev’d.
Section §
Statute of Limitations SOL
Statutory Instruments SI
Subject Matter Jurisdiction SMJ.
Summary Judgment S/J or S.J. or Summ. Jdg.
Supreme Court SC or S. Ct.
Supreme Court Reporter S. Ct.
Temporary Restraining Order TRO
Trial Court TC
Wife W
With w/
With Prejudice w/p
Without w/o
Without Prejudice w/o/


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